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  • Release:21/04/2017
  • Skills: Python, Django, Pusher.js, JQuery, AJAX, MySQL

Chattt application developed using Python & Django. This application used to the website owners to chat with their customer at any time, any place & any way. Website owners can access the application through mobile phone without installing any app; they access the application through mobile browsers. This application has 3 different modules; they are administrator module, Company (Owner) module and Agent module.

Features Implemented in Chattt
  • Chattt is a patent awaiting innovative Chat application to service website visitors
  • Technologies used: Python 2.7, Django 1.4, Pusher.js, JQuery, AJAX, MySQL, Braintree API, Twilio API
  • If logged in agents can check the chats in web interface
  • If not logged in any chat requests will be sent by SMS to desired phone number

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