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Research your needs

We begin by learning your business, your goals inside and out. Together, we’ll determine exactly what you need—and how your needs might evolve over time. At this stage, our Brilliance Logic experts can also provide advice and insight into achieving your business goals with innovative solutions.


Once we understand your goals, we’ll whip up a functional wireframe for you to review—think of it as an interactive blueprint for your project. You’ll get a sense of the aesthetics and usability early on, with the opportunity to comment, critique, and shape the look and feel of your project from the very start.


Ideas start taking shape and the process is streamlined with a singular vision to deliver the best product that meets all the business requirements and more. Our designers and technical experts work together to create a newsworthy online presence for your business. Hours of diligent work with regular inputs from the business bring an end to the most important segment of all the web development phases wherein the final product is ready to be taken to the next level.


The end product is put through multiple rounds of rigorous testing to ensure it is bug-free with all functionalities operating as expected. Several rounds of unit testing and system integration testing assess the work done through the above web development phases and changes are made wherever a discrepancy is witnessed. Only after getting a sign-off on the UAT the testing phase is brought to an end.


After all the quality checks and a green signal from the business the website is launched. After initial support on day-to-day activities the reins are handed over to the business. However, our post deployment maintenance services render necessary assistance and troubleshooting services.

Brilliance Logic Management System

You can easily control every step in your project using the project management system from Brilliance Logic

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